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Monday, November 24, 2008

" Tired and Stressful Day? "

Return to the Hobby

When you were a kid, what kind of hobbies did you enjoy? Stamp collecting? Hair Clippings? Practicing ballet? Or just plain kis play/game?

Well we're no kid now and the things we face day by day is work and house hold stuff and others

Rushing hours, working, house chores, kids stuff at school can sometimes make a day stress, and you're doing it the whole week days that makes us burst out from the stress and makes us sometimes look grumpy. Urrggg!

Stop! Don't let your self over of Stress.

You need to Relax and unwind your self. One way of that is to go back to our hobbies. It is one of the great way to relax, unwind and be creative! This is also a part of physical fitness.

Hobbies are an awesome way to show off your inner you! The problem is that as we grow older, we spend less time doing those fun things that we enjoy because there's so much else we need to do.

We even might think we are silly acting like a kid again or picking up and old hobby from long time ago. But that is not true.

You need to make time. Forget about your worries, and that the people might say your wasting time if you take up a hobby.

What is it that makes you special? The things you love to do when you are still kid, or maybe pick a new hobby. Dancing maybe?, Watching old movies or reading mystery novels? Have a knack for decorating on a budget? Love to sing ---- or thinki you might?

Go ahead and enjoy it! It doesn't matter what you do; a hobby is anything enjoyable that allows you to chill out and embrace your creative side.

So staring today, take on a new hobby or pick up your old one,even if it means putting aside an hour or two a week to spend to get it. Get a friend or your children r especially your spouse involved, or just enjoy your new found "me" time.

It'll be worth for you and you might meet some new people, make new crafts ---and you'll efinitely discover a new side of your self. The clock is ticking!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is Life to us?

Think about this . . .

There's a bridge. It weights 200 kg and it's the wieght it can only carry. If any thing that passes through it the weights more than 200 kg, it will collapse. Then came a man/woman who weights 190 kg. but he is carrying 3 boxes and each boxes weights 3.5 kg. If you add the weight of the person and the weights of the 3 boxes it is more than 200 kg. If you are that man/woman, what will you do to cross the bridge bringing those 3 very very important boxes without letting the bridge collapse?

Answer: We should know how to juggle. Focus on the catching not on the throwing in order to be success in passing the bridge. In the story the bridge represents our Life and the 3 very important boxes represent our joy/happiness, our sorrows/lost, and our success and achievements. These three things have always been a part of our lives so we consider it very important. We should keep on juggling these things, as we are passing through our life and that we should focus in cathing as we juggle in order to easily throw it and catch the next thing. So life will be easy for us because as we learn how to juggle this things we can't feel the weight. Sometimes we get to feel things are so tough, we stop juggling and we fall together with our bridges. So keep Juggling and have strength and Faith.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Be More Caring

As mom and wife, we have so many challenges to face to make us a better wife and mom. We tend to research to know what to do to show of caring for the family member especially hubby. One way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but of course we will want to serve something delicious, but make sure it is safe. One way of making them feel you care for them is to serve them something delicious and rich with minerals especially for the brain and you can tell them how good it is for their brains especially if hubby's having porblems with memory gaps or also your kids and they'll probably always think who's the best wife and mom in the world. If hubby won't like a food you'll always have the options to what kind of food are you going t serve him. Just make him understand too that you're doing it for his health and add it up with some sweet words.

Food for the brain

Fish: The original "brain food" contains lots of omega- 3 fatty acids and fish oils, especially like cold water fish like salmon and cod. Omega-3s are beneficial in a number of ways, includin promoting neuronal growth, improved cholesterol and fortification of myelin sheaths, which facilitate communication between neurons. If hubby doesn't like fish then you can go to the next choice.

Vegetables: This is great source of antioxidants, which may reduce risk of developing cognitive impairment by diminishing oxidative stress. Spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower are among the top candidates.

Fruits: Like vegetables, fruits are rich in antioxidants. However, fruit tastes better. Some of your healtiest options are blueberries, papayas, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, plums, avocados, oranges, red grapes, red bell peppers, cherries and kiwis.

Water: Be sure to get enough to keep your body and brain hydrated. Dehydration can cause a headache now, and can lead to long-term neuronal damage sustained from elevated stress hormones.

Chocolates: Last (and arguably least benefecial) are cocoa beans, which contain the flavonal epicatechin and antioxidants. Dark chocolate us best, and avoid candy bars with lots of added sugars. Also, recent research suggest that chocolate can improve memory.

A complete and balanced diet is probably the soundest advice, but some specific types of foods are especially good for brain health. The aforementioned are few of the best.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Health is Wealth

Energy Boosters

Daily Exercise is already a part of our Living and for taking care of our Health as our health is one of the most important things to be taken care of. Exercise is a way of giving our self enough energy but we also need to take a little energy booster before and after exercise. This is one fitness tip you will like.

Exercise is hard work. When you're grabbing a snack before or after you workout, remember to pick something that's healthy. By eating something non-fattening, you aviod putting back the calories you've just burned!

Some options are veggies,fruit, cheese stciks,low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt, a piece of toast or some whole-grain breakfast cereal, and a piece of pita with hummus or bean dip.
These are all smart, low calorie ways to replenish energy. Make the dips and spreads at home so you can control the salt content. Remember to stay hydrated, too. Water is always the best choice, so drink plenty of water before and after you work out.

If you need something with a little more substance to keep you going, try a glass of skim milk. It has the nutrients you need, but it doesn't have all the sugar you'll find in those fluorescent-colored energy drinks. Now , thats the way to hydrate!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Have you tried to have a neighbor that treats other like not a neighbor? Or are you like this, well here is a small story to share and think of it.

On the first months of moving to a new place in Loving Street. The couple Lis and Charisse are very known for their kindness. Luis treated everyone of his neighbors, friendly and kindly and always give a smile and say hi to anyone he sees. Same as his wife too. Their house is always open to everyone they know and on their nieghbors and to the poor ones especially when they have occasions. But as time goes by the nieghbors have seen they are changing and their true color have revealed. The couple started to choose who to talk and invite to their house then until they put a big huge gate around their house and a dog so no one can go easily inside their house place. If someone goes to ask for help and assistance they snub them and get to talk back behind some of them. Then they seem to act like they are the owner of the street. With that time came that no one of their neighbor like's to talk or be nice to them but they seem not caring for it as they think less of them.
Till one day while the couple are at their work duty and their kids at school. No one was left at home, their was a sudden fire from their house that burns and eat their house and because they have huge gate arround the fire did not affect any other houses on neighbor's. The couple got home shocked and crying for help and for feeling so bad of loosing a house. No one of their neighbor's have helped them nor joined them in their grief. With that the couple realized that it's not really good of not having neighbors and treating them bad. No man is an island.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

" What I did yesterday and Today "

Yesterday was more of doing chores at home. My husband went to a friend's birthday party so we didn't talked on chat. I did a little thing to get busy. I went over to my friends store and we decide to make a dessert. Mmmm and it's one of my favorite dessert. Everyone knows of it. It's called Mango Float. It's so easy to make and was having fun making it. Mira, my friend just decide that I make it so they will taste my own mixture of it. Then was excited to put in the fridge but we have to wait till today for that. I just killed my excitement for a while so I can wait and went to a person I know who lend a help about my immigration problem and so I was for that but did not have much of achievements with that.

But today it was more of having lot's of things to do. We went to that Immigration representative's house and I got at least his office number and I am ready to phone him anytime. I went to Mira before I go online to chat my husband and will feels excited again for my mango float so we decide to taste it and was so Happy they liked my recipe. Yes it really taste delicious and I am glad to know that I have a gift of it as I love cooking and I think cooking likes me. Now I'm off and readt to go to have my mango float. Yipeee... so I got to go guys... I am craving for my float. Woof Woof..!

"Learnings to Share"

Here are some question or a small quiz. You don't have to answer this just read it straight and get the point.

1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.
2. Name the last five Academy Award for best actor and actress.
3.Name the last five winners of Mr. Universe.
4. Name the 20th President of the United States.
5. Name the last decade's worth of WorldSeries winners.

How did you find the Question? Hard isn't it?

The point is, none of us remember the headliner's of yesterday. These are second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Certificates and Plaques are buried with their owners.

Here is another quiz. See how you do on this one.

1. List a few teacher's who aided your journey through school.
2. Name 3 friends who have helped you and never leave you in your difficult times.
3. Name five people who taught you something worthwhile.
4. Think of a few people who have make you feel appreciated and special.
5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.


The Lesson. The people who make a difference in your life are not the one's with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care's. You can do it for you to be remembered too. The most important in this life is not the achievements and success we have fulfilled by our selves but how much happiness and memories we have fulfilled with the people close to us that until your death you can bring it, the nice happy memories and you'll leave them something to remind them of you always and keep you in their hearts.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Happy for the Miss Earth 2008 "

Congratulations to the Miss Earth 2008 winner. Miss Earth- Philippines. It is a pride for us Filipinos for the Victorious winning of our country's representative. I watched the prestigious pageant last night and the competition was really a tension for the candidates and also for the viewers. It was really a deserving crown for Miss Philippines because her beauty and concerns fits to be the Miss Earth 2008.

Miss Earth 2008 is Karla Paula Henry and she is from Cebu which happens to be my birthplace too. So I was so happy when she was crowned as the new Miss Earth 2008, another victory for all of us Pinoy and once again we proved that we are strong and that we can go far, we can do what they can. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"The Things That Makes a Woman Beautiful"

What makes a woman beautiful?

A truly beautiful woman is physically appealing. Not all women are gifted with perfection of physical features, but fortunately, this is not the only prerequisite for beauty. Women tend to take a critical look at theirr individual features and flaws and feel this is what makes then attractive or not, whereas a man tend to look at overall impression a woman creates.
What a woman does with what she has is very important in making herself attractive. Physical beauty is really within the reach of any woman.

- Good Health makea a woman attractive. It adds more color to the face and skin and helps produce more energy. The most influential factor in a woman's physical beauty is her health. When a woman is healthy, she has an attractive glow about her. So, she need to have a good diet, enough rest and regular exercise.

- Another key factor osfwomanly beauty is looking feminine. A woman should look like a woman, not a man. A woman can achieve this through her dress and hair style. Although she may have a short hair, she can still look feminine with the way she uses accesories. A physically attractive woman is also one who dresses modestly. A woman's body is designed to be attractive and arousing to men, and when a woman is revealing too much of herself in public, she is stirring up the wrong kind of feelings and will attract the wrong kind of attention. A truly beautiful woman aims for respect in the way she dresses.

- Inner beauty is important. The many inner qualities include kindness, and graciousness. She is also kind and gentle, thoughful, and unselfish.

So, Are you Beautiful?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

" Kamunggay Soup Recipe "

Ingredients: 30pcs. young and tender kamaunggay fruits; 1 chiken sliced into serving pieaces; 8 cloves garlic, chopped; 2 medium size tomatoes, chopped; 8 pieces sliced spring onions; chiken broth.

Procedure: Scrape off skin from the kamunggay fruits. Boil in three cups of water for five minutes. Sliced fruits in half lengthwise. Scrape off the meat. Discard the shells and place the pulp into the chicken broth. Remove chicken skin and marinate meat with salt and pepper. Add to broth. Cook till tender. Add sliced spring onions and other ingredients. Granish with kamunggay leaves.

Mommy's you can try this on at home. It's so easy to cook. Serve hubby a Filipino style food that will surely warm his tummy especially when he is sick. He will surely give you a big kiss for the thoughtfulness. Mwaaahhhh! Love it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

" I joined a new Group Today "

I just sign up on a website, the website is mylot, I am still learning and surfing on the site, it's a group discussion site which is for me is nice. I can put disccusions and comments from friends discussions, not only that I can meet new friends and I can learn from them on their discussions. I bet this a fun site and it is interesting too, because it is said you will earn from your discussions and participation. I see lot's are joining on it, but I don't know if the earing is true but if it do then it will be great. I don't have a job so I guess this will be a good thing to start to help a bit to my husband. If it really is an earning site, I hope so.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween is one of the years time to talk about scary issues. Several people talk about their real scary experience of seeing a ghost. I would like to share a story, just a scary experience. Hahahaha! enjoy reading. Note: the name of the character and the name of paces are only an invented name.

Rick is driving on his motorcycle and is on his way to fetch his wife from work. It is a cold night and he is hurrying not to be late for her wife's expected time for him to get her. Rick look at his watch it is 10:40 pm and he has 20 minutes drive to get there. His wife's gonna be off from work at 11 pm. While driving his enjoying his self looking at the buildings and the road of Bilar City. There's not so much vehicle around already. Telling him it is getting late.

He keeps enjoying looking until he pass into the bridge. It is getting darker and the bulding he was just looking earlier become trees and the vehicle noises become noises of creatures at night. It is a street called Malabuyok Street where he has to pass to reach his wife's work place. He drived miles from the bridge when suddenly he saw a woman walking hurriedly and look scared. He drive slowly until the both meet. "Miss why are you in a hurry?" he asked. The woman look at him. "Can you give me a ride please?". " I need to get home soon". the woman replied.

He felt wierd as he finds himself driving for the girl to where she wants to go and now they are going back to Bilar City. He just had a thought why he didn't and can't say No to her and continue his ride but then for a second thought he decided to ignore it and just think to give help and will just be more hurry after.

"Where do you live Miss?". he asked. "By the city in a Street called Torta Street near the first mall from the bridge.", the woman replied. Rick did not help his self to ask the woman about being to the dark place and what's she's doing over there. " I came from my work just next to that street and not to far from there, but yes there was no vehicles around so I decided to walk fast until I get passed to the bridge so from there I will just take a ride, thank God you came because I feel scared at that dark street." the woman replied. Rick smile and ask her name, her name is Marissa and he also introduce his self to her and then tell her to hold tight because they are going to be more faster and told her that he needs to get his wife from work after.

When they get closer to the bridge Rick's mind is playing again and the silence and peaceful of Marissa makes him want to check her by looking at the side mirror of his bike. He almost loose his driving control as he looked up the mirror but he tried to calm his self and then look again at the mirror. He felt strange because at his first look at Marissa, he saw a broken face, lots of blood and wounds on it and he felt all his hair are standing up but he just convinced his self that maybe it was just a false image because he has not seen it anymore when he looked up again.

Still he feel a bit uneasy for that but he tried to hide it so Marissa will not noticed it. In a way of loosing the feeling he began to sing. "Are you a singer Rick? You have a good voice", at last Marissa talked. " Not that much but I like singing", Rick replied. " Well can I request one more to you then?, she asked. "Huh?" Rick get confused. " Can you sing for me tomorrow in the church?", Marissa requested. "Whats the occasion?". Rick wanted to know. " It's my special occasion tomorrow and I like you to sing my favorite song". "Your Wedding Day?" Rick asked. "You'll find out by tommorow, I will give you the church address or I will give you my invitation card when we get to my place that will be a good idea", "Please sing the song for me", Marissa asked him again. Strange again without thinking he just say Yes to her and he really start to feel weird from that.

"Just please turn left and we are here". They stop and Marissa told him to wait for she will get the invitation from the house she pointed miles from the street but he can see it. He look at Marissa while walking to the house and like a bubble she disappeared. He was shock and confused with that but think maybe it is because the place is dark. He waited for minutes but the girl did not come back. Rick start to think again of the weird things he just had with the girl. Why of all she asked she can't say No when he is in a hurry to get his wife, but something is commanding him to follow her. The scary face he saw on his side mirror, the broken face and the bloods and the one he just saw, the woman just disappeared. He just remember his wife. He felt bad that the time is past 11 pm and he is sure that his wife is really mad at him for not showing up there. He thought he will just maybe go and not wait but he felt guilt for that. He keep looking at the house, he felt more strange when he more notice but did not earlier that it looks very bright over there and seems there are some people.

He just find his self again walking to the house. He think that maybe he will just go and get the invitation to Marissa's house. As he gets closer and closer to the house, his heart start beating fast and he feel scared thinking how could it be that there is a funeral at the house where Marissa went and she didn't mention it. He reach the house, and saw the people being busy around, some playing cards and some talking. A guy saw his presence and came over to him to ask. "May I help you sir, I saw you from the street for minutes is there someone you want from here?", the guy asked. " I am looking for a woman, who had a ride on my bike, she went to this house to get an invitation card for me for tomorrow's occasion", Rick told the guy. The guy looked funny at him. " We here, didn't saw you with someone else when you stop by the street". Rick feel confused and then convinced the guy that he really was with someone and that the woman went to the house." Okay do you know what's her name then?" The guy asked. " Her name is Marissa", rick replied. The guy's eyes went big and look shock and for a while he look like that and then he asked Rick to go with him inside the house. The guy stand beside the coffin and said. " Is this the woman you were looking for?" said the guy. Rick felt cold like he has been poured with a bunch of ice and he can't even move when he looked at the coffin and see who's in there. It was the woman who he was with on his motor bike, the woman who asked him to give her a ride and the one who asked him to sing for her occasion. It's Marissa! Everything weird that he felt earlier has given an answer. The scary face he saw, her fast diappearance and why he can't say no to everything. He feel so cold, and shock from all of it. "She died from hit and run in Malabuyok Street"' the guy told Rick. " That is where we met", Rick replied. The guy introduced his self as Marissa's brother.

Rick is not himself as he drives home. His mind is flewing back to the place where he met Marissa and all the things he had with her. He find it hard to believe he just took a ghost for a ride home and is even requesting him to sing for her special occasion and that is a Funeral Occasion. He had mix feelings from it. As he arrives home, his wife was there waiting and he told him all that he has experienced as he tried to get her wife. Her wife too couldn't believe it but it happened.

Rick was holding the mic and sing the song with feelings. He rendered the song to Marissa and while he sang it. He can't help but fall his tears off from his eyes. Wishing for her to rest in peace.

"All Saints Day and All Souls Day"

Do we know what all Saints Day and All Souls Day all about?

We are celebrating All Saints Day and All Souls Day. It's a Catholic Celebration happens in November 1 and 2. It is intented for the Saints and the Souls. For Catholic Faithfuls we are also involve to it too. How? By Praying. Our Prayer's is indeed a help and plays a big role during this two special days. On All Saints day we used to give prayers to the Saints to help us in our intentions. It is the day we also give thanks and praise for the Saints and their good deeds here in earth. All Souls Day is remembering our love one who has left to join our creator. To pray for their souls, for their eternal peace and mercy for the sins they did. It is our help for them. As catholics we believe that by our prayer's we can give them help to release them on their suffering in purgatory and the more we pray for them the they can get a step in the stairways to heaven.

All Saints Day, are the those who have perfect communion with God in Heaven.

All Souls Day, are those who suffer intense pain in purgatory of longing for God.

Pray for the Souls, Help save Souls. For they will Pray for us too when they get in heaven.

Have a Prayerful Day!!

" Picture's and Halloween Day "

This picture was taken during, James birthday party. James himself (on the right). My husband's mom (back at the right) and My husband's friends, Judy and Terry (both left).

It's our daughter, Serenity on her spooky Halloween costume as a Skeleton. Holding her candy bag, she is so excited for her candy colleting. Dad's coming with her to collect lot's of candies. Hey! don't forget my chocolates!

This is a Halloween decoration, taken by my husband at his nieghbors garden.