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Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's a known fact that parents are paranoid-of us growing up way too fast, falling in love too soon, and running away. So don't so anything that would aggravate that paranioa! Stick to your curfew, tell Mom where you are (be honest!), and show them a decent report card every quarter. Do not go home drunk. Believe me, parents have supernatural senses when it comes to detecting cigarette smoke and liqour. Even if they don't tell, they know. And your going to have to live with that.

The greatest gift a parent can receive from a child is openess and communication. It's going to be hard enough for them to see you grow up before their eyes, so do them a favor and tell them everyday things, no matter how insignificant you think they are--like when a guy is courting you, when you have a problem, or when you get a good grade on a tough test. These may seem simple, but that's great mystery of the parent-child bond--It's a bond, and material things can never make up for it.

Here's rule number one: Kills the jealousy monster. Guys tend to veer away from overly clingy, overly protective girls. See the common word? Over. That's what your relationship will become if you take away his space. Give him a chance to spend time with the boys, or have a little "me" time! And during this time, do not require him to text you by the hour. Where's the trust, girl?
Rule Number Two: Know when to give in during a fight. If it's your fault, say sorry and give him a big hug. Chances are, he's going to mellow down too and hug you back.
Rule Number Three: It's not expensive to be sweet. Burn him a CD of his favorite songs, take him out on a picnic or leave Post-it notes between pages of his favorite novel. Sure, buying him a new jacket or gadget would be cool, but he'll difinitely be more touched by the effort and thoughtfulness you put into homemade stuff than any Nintendo Wii out gadgets, but a pretty girl like you thinking of ways to put a smile on his face? PRICELESS.

Not Everything has to be about you. In the same way that he tolerates your shopping trips and endless rants about not being thin enough, surprise him by showing genuine interest in what he likes, be it science fiction, rock music, or photography. You might get hooked too

A best friend is the closest thing to another sibling. Your bond is held together by secrets, experiences you share, and mostr of the time, fights you got over. This is the reason why you probably turn to each other first for help, no matter how trivial or grave the problem is--a manicure gone bad, a fight with your mom, or the breakup. Although you may feel like your best friend will always be there for you, this is not an excuse to slack off and take his or her friendship for granted. Nourish what you already have by writing letters to each other, surprising each other with your favorite treats, or by being available at 1:00 in the morning when crisis strikes. If you do not go to same school or work, make it a point to meet monthly and catch up on each other's lives over a warm cur of coffee.

When your friend is feeling low, drop by his or her house instead of just talking over the phone. Your physical presence will be even more comforting, and you'll make your pal feel loads better. Bring some ice cream, chocolates (yup comfort food!) to make the visit even more special. You may gain calories, but it will be worth it.

If you're the older sister, for once, let your lil' sis play your make up(with supervision of course!) Or fine the time to be a
tomboy and play Fight Night with your younger bro. These are things that will result in fun-filled experiences they'll remember years from now--that their older sister is cool enough to be a kid again! As for your older sis, try not to bug her when boyfriend comes to visit. Instead of waiting for them to kick you out in annoyance, give them privacy, so that you'll have your grateful older sister all to yourself when lover boy leaves!

If you made a promise. Well, keep it! Spend time with your sis or bro's and make them feel important and loved. As for your older siblings, take note that they need a listening ear sometimes--especially from you. Be and angel and hear them out, and stay true to your word that you won't spill to Mom. One of the many perks of having siblings is having each others back!


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