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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween is one of the years time to talk about scary issues. Several people talk about their real scary experience of seeing a ghost. I would like to share a story, just a scary experience. Hahahaha! enjoy reading. Note: the name of the character and the name of paces are only an invented name.

Rick is driving on his motorcycle and is on his way to fetch his wife from work. It is a cold night and he is hurrying not to be late for her wife's expected time for him to get her. Rick look at his watch it is 10:40 pm and he has 20 minutes drive to get there. His wife's gonna be off from work at 11 pm. While driving his enjoying his self looking at the buildings and the road of Bilar City. There's not so much vehicle around already. Telling him it is getting late.

He keeps enjoying looking until he pass into the bridge. It is getting darker and the bulding he was just looking earlier become trees and the vehicle noises become noises of creatures at night. It is a street called Malabuyok Street where he has to pass to reach his wife's work place. He drived miles from the bridge when suddenly he saw a woman walking hurriedly and look scared. He drive slowly until the both meet. "Miss why are you in a hurry?" he asked. The woman look at him. "Can you give me a ride please?". " I need to get home soon". the woman replied.

He felt wierd as he finds himself driving for the girl to where she wants to go and now they are going back to Bilar City. He just had a thought why he didn't and can't say No to her and continue his ride but then for a second thought he decided to ignore it and just think to give help and will just be more hurry after.

"Where do you live Miss?". he asked. "By the city in a Street called Torta Street near the first mall from the bridge.", the woman replied. Rick did not help his self to ask the woman about being to the dark place and what's she's doing over there. " I came from my work just next to that street and not to far from there, but yes there was no vehicles around so I decided to walk fast until I get passed to the bridge so from there I will just take a ride, thank God you came because I feel scared at that dark street." the woman replied. Rick smile and ask her name, her name is Marissa and he also introduce his self to her and then tell her to hold tight because they are going to be more faster and told her that he needs to get his wife from work after.

When they get closer to the bridge Rick's mind is playing again and the silence and peaceful of Marissa makes him want to check her by looking at the side mirror of his bike. He almost loose his driving control as he looked up the mirror but he tried to calm his self and then look again at the mirror. He felt strange because at his first look at Marissa, he saw a broken face, lots of blood and wounds on it and he felt all his hair are standing up but he just convinced his self that maybe it was just a false image because he has not seen it anymore when he looked up again.

Still he feel a bit uneasy for that but he tried to hide it so Marissa will not noticed it. In a way of loosing the feeling he began to sing. "Are you a singer Rick? You have a good voice", at last Marissa talked. " Not that much but I like singing", Rick replied. " Well can I request one more to you then?, she asked. "Huh?" Rick get confused. " Can you sing for me tomorrow in the church?", Marissa requested. "Whats the occasion?". Rick wanted to know. " It's my special occasion tomorrow and I like you to sing my favorite song". "Your Wedding Day?" Rick asked. "You'll find out by tommorow, I will give you the church address or I will give you my invitation card when we get to my place that will be a good idea", "Please sing the song for me", Marissa asked him again. Strange again without thinking he just say Yes to her and he really start to feel weird from that.

"Just please turn left and we are here". They stop and Marissa told him to wait for she will get the invitation from the house she pointed miles from the street but he can see it. He look at Marissa while walking to the house and like a bubble she disappeared. He was shock and confused with that but think maybe it is because the place is dark. He waited for minutes but the girl did not come back. Rick start to think again of the weird things he just had with the girl. Why of all she asked she can't say No when he is in a hurry to get his wife, but something is commanding him to follow her. The scary face he saw on his side mirror, the broken face and the bloods and the one he just saw, the woman just disappeared. He just remember his wife. He felt bad that the time is past 11 pm and he is sure that his wife is really mad at him for not showing up there. He thought he will just maybe go and not wait but he felt guilt for that. He keep looking at the house, he felt more strange when he more notice but did not earlier that it looks very bright over there and seems there are some people.

He just find his self again walking to the house. He think that maybe he will just go and get the invitation to Marissa's house. As he gets closer and closer to the house, his heart start beating fast and he feel scared thinking how could it be that there is a funeral at the house where Marissa went and she didn't mention it. He reach the house, and saw the people being busy around, some playing cards and some talking. A guy saw his presence and came over to him to ask. "May I help you sir, I saw you from the street for minutes is there someone you want from here?", the guy asked. " I am looking for a woman, who had a ride on my bike, she went to this house to get an invitation card for me for tomorrow's occasion", Rick told the guy. The guy looked funny at him. " We here, didn't saw you with someone else when you stop by the street". Rick feel confused and then convinced the guy that he really was with someone and that the woman went to the house." Okay do you know what's her name then?" The guy asked. " Her name is Marissa", rick replied. The guy's eyes went big and look shock and for a while he look like that and then he asked Rick to go with him inside the house. The guy stand beside the coffin and said. " Is this the woman you were looking for?" said the guy. Rick felt cold like he has been poured with a bunch of ice and he can't even move when he looked at the coffin and see who's in there. It was the woman who he was with on his motor bike, the woman who asked him to give her a ride and the one who asked him to sing for her occasion. It's Marissa! Everything weird that he felt earlier has given an answer. The scary face he saw, her fast diappearance and why he can't say no to everything. He feel so cold, and shock from all of it. "She died from hit and run in Malabuyok Street"' the guy told Rick. " That is where we met", Rick replied. The guy introduced his self as Marissa's brother.

Rick is not himself as he drives home. His mind is flewing back to the place where he met Marissa and all the things he had with her. He find it hard to believe he just took a ghost for a ride home and is even requesting him to sing for her special occasion and that is a Funeral Occasion. He had mix feelings from it. As he arrives home, his wife was there waiting and he told him all that he has experienced as he tried to get her wife. Her wife too couldn't believe it but it happened.

Rick was holding the mic and sing the song with feelings. He rendered the song to Marissa and while he sang it. He can't help but fall his tears off from his eyes. Wishing for her to rest in peace.


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