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Monday, November 24, 2008

" Tired and Stressful Day? "

Return to the Hobby

When you were a kid, what kind of hobbies did you enjoy? Stamp collecting? Hair Clippings? Practicing ballet? Or just plain kis play/game?

Well we're no kid now and the things we face day by day is work and house hold stuff and others

Rushing hours, working, house chores, kids stuff at school can sometimes make a day stress, and you're doing it the whole week days that makes us burst out from the stress and makes us sometimes look grumpy. Urrggg!

Stop! Don't let your self over of Stress.

You need to Relax and unwind your self. One way of that is to go back to our hobbies. It is one of the great way to relax, unwind and be creative! This is also a part of physical fitness.

Hobbies are an awesome way to show off your inner you! The problem is that as we grow older, we spend less time doing those fun things that we enjoy because there's so much else we need to do.

We even might think we are silly acting like a kid again or picking up and old hobby from long time ago. But that is not true.

You need to make time. Forget about your worries, and that the people might say your wasting time if you take up a hobby.

What is it that makes you special? The things you love to do when you are still kid, or maybe pick a new hobby. Dancing maybe?, Watching old movies or reading mystery novels? Have a knack for decorating on a budget? Love to sing ---- or thinki you might?

Go ahead and enjoy it! It doesn't matter what you do; a hobby is anything enjoyable that allows you to chill out and embrace your creative side.

So staring today, take on a new hobby or pick up your old one,even if it means putting aside an hour or two a week to spend to get it. Get a friend or your children r especially your spouse involved, or just enjoy your new found "me" time.

It'll be worth for you and you might meet some new people, make new crafts ---and you'll efinitely discover a new side of your self. The clock is ticking!


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