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Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is Life to us?

Think about this . . .

There's a bridge. It weights 200 kg and it's the wieght it can only carry. If any thing that passes through it the weights more than 200 kg, it will collapse. Then came a man/woman who weights 190 kg. but he is carrying 3 boxes and each boxes weights 3.5 kg. If you add the weight of the person and the weights of the 3 boxes it is more than 200 kg. If you are that man/woman, what will you do to cross the bridge bringing those 3 very very important boxes without letting the bridge collapse?

Answer: We should know how to juggle. Focus on the catching not on the throwing in order to be success in passing the bridge. In the story the bridge represents our Life and the 3 very important boxes represent our joy/happiness, our sorrows/lost, and our success and achievements. These three things have always been a part of our lives so we consider it very important. We should keep on juggling these things, as we are passing through our life and that we should focus in cathing as we juggle in order to easily throw it and catch the next thing. So life will be easy for us because as we learn how to juggle this things we can't feel the weight. Sometimes we get to feel things are so tough, we stop juggling and we fall together with our bridges. So keep Juggling and have strength and Faith.


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