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Sunday, November 2, 2008

"All Saints Day and All Souls Day"

Do we know what all Saints Day and All Souls Day all about?

We are celebrating All Saints Day and All Souls Day. It's a Catholic Celebration happens in November 1 and 2. It is intented for the Saints and the Souls. For Catholic Faithfuls we are also involve to it too. How? By Praying. Our Prayer's is indeed a help and plays a big role during this two special days. On All Saints day we used to give prayers to the Saints to help us in our intentions. It is the day we also give thanks and praise for the Saints and their good deeds here in earth. All Souls Day is remembering our love one who has left to join our creator. To pray for their souls, for their eternal peace and mercy for the sins they did. It is our help for them. As catholics we believe that by our prayer's we can give them help to release them on their suffering in purgatory and the more we pray for them the they can get a step in the stairways to heaven.

All Saints Day, are the those who have perfect communion with God in Heaven.

All Souls Day, are those who suffer intense pain in purgatory of longing for God.

Pray for the Souls, Help save Souls. For they will Pray for us too when they get in heaven.

Have a Prayerful Day!!


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