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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

" What I did yesterday and Today "

Yesterday was more of doing chores at home. My husband went to a friend's birthday party so we didn't talked on chat. I did a little thing to get busy. I went over to my friends store and we decide to make a dessert. Mmmm and it's one of my favorite dessert. Everyone knows of it. It's called Mango Float. It's so easy to make and was having fun making it. Mira, my friend just decide that I make it so they will taste my own mixture of it. Then was excited to put in the fridge but we have to wait till today for that. I just killed my excitement for a while so I can wait and went to a person I know who lend a help about my immigration problem and so I was for that but did not have much of achievements with that.

But today it was more of having lot's of things to do. We went to that Immigration representative's house and I got at least his office number and I am ready to phone him anytime. I went to Mira before I go online to chat my husband and will feels excited again for my mango float so we decide to taste it and was so Happy they liked my recipe. Yes it really taste delicious and I am glad to know that I have a gift of it as I love cooking and I think cooking likes me. Now I'm off and readt to go to have my mango float. Yipeee... so I got to go guys... I am craving for my float. Woof Woof..!


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