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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Have you tried to have a neighbor that treats other like not a neighbor? Or are you like this, well here is a small story to share and think of it.

On the first months of moving to a new place in Loving Street. The couple Lis and Charisse are very known for their kindness. Luis treated everyone of his neighbors, friendly and kindly and always give a smile and say hi to anyone he sees. Same as his wife too. Their house is always open to everyone they know and on their nieghbors and to the poor ones especially when they have occasions. But as time goes by the nieghbors have seen they are changing and their true color have revealed. The couple started to choose who to talk and invite to their house then until they put a big huge gate around their house and a dog so no one can go easily inside their house place. If someone goes to ask for help and assistance they snub them and get to talk back behind some of them. Then they seem to act like they are the owner of the street. With that time came that no one of their neighbor like's to talk or be nice to them but they seem not caring for it as they think less of them.
Till one day while the couple are at their work duty and their kids at school. No one was left at home, their was a sudden fire from their house that burns and eat their house and because they have huge gate arround the fire did not affect any other houses on neighbor's. The couple got home shocked and crying for help and for feeling so bad of loosing a house. No one of their neighbor's have helped them nor joined them in their grief. With that the couple realized that it's not really good of not having neighbors and treating them bad. No man is an island.


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