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Friday, October 31, 2008

"It's Halloween"

It's Halloween Folks! I am sure everybody has their spooky costume prepared already and getting ready for the party!!! I hope you guys will have a good Halloween party night. Well I am sure most of here are on the kind of Halloween Tradition. To Wear scary or funny costumes, kids bring candy bags and go to nieghbor's houses to collect candies and chocolates. That sounds yummy mmmmmmmm! I told my husband that when I get to Canada I would like to be like the kids and go to neighbors to collect my chocolates during Halloweens, hehehe well maybe it won't be easy for them to guess I'm no kid anymore because I'm too cute, yikes! My hubby just laugh at me, but I will really want my chocolate too. Chocolates! Just hearing that makes me drool and wish so much it happens here too. Can only wish that for now, to also experience a Halloween.

It's Halloween here too in Philippines but people here have more different tradition to do during this days. I know some that are aware and Filipinos here knows the tradition. Soon its going to be November here and 1 and 2 is a special day for us. It's the All Saints Day and The All Souls Day and everybody here is preparing for what we call "UNDAS".

Undas, is a Filipino tradition where Filipinos spend time in cemetery to stay at their dead love one's. It's our way of remembering the people we love, our family, relatives and friends who already left us to join our creator. It is a way to show love and care for them even if they are already dead by bringing candles to lit up, flowers and masses to offer most of all a Prayer for their souls for peace and life everlasting. Undas is like a yearly tasks for all Filipinos. Some prepare for an overnight stay at cemetery, some visit and stay couple of hours and go home and goes back.

Everyone is as excited as having Halloween too since it is one of biggest event in the country. For some families and relatives, it is the day for them to have the family gather back together, like a reunion. To see friends and relatives or family member who has been away from them or from home. Some people who work on the other places spend this time to go home just to visit the lost love one. It brings back happy memories, for them and for their love one. It is really a day that for a while a peaceful cemetery will turn out to be a fun and loud day/night. Families and friends gather around, and they talk and have some fun time together.

Some here too, do the wearing of costumes and some do halloween night at cemetery and some, like this times to be talk about ghost and scary stuff. It's a choice of you of how you will make your "UNDAS" worthwhile but the most important thing for us is the moment of Sprituality. The moment to talk to the loveone you missed, to give prayers and to remember the Good things and memories they have left to us. To everybody and to all celebrating UNDAS, have a spiritual moment with your loveone.

To all Ghost and Scary Character..............


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