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Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Experience Bohol, Experience a Wonder of Nature"

There is a new World campaign and I am sure everybody knows about it. It's the New 7 Wonders of Nature, I am sure this is a tough campaign because the nominees are really such a wonder. It is a privilage that our country Philippines is one of the nominees of the 7 wonders. We have 3 nominees and I hope all of filipinos will vote for our very own wonderful natures. I already voted my nominees for this and for everyone who has not yet voted you can go to vote by following this link http://www.new7wonders.com/ ....

It was a really nice moment to have a time to see one of our very own wonders. It was a privilage for me and my husband to go and see and be amaze at this very nice place. It was more ever perfect to be here being with my someone special.

Yes. What I am talking about is the known Chocolate Hills in Bohol. A wonder to see, and experience it's relaxing and breathtaking view from a top of a hill manage by the governtment in Bohol. To view this wonderful place, it only cost you 25 pesos for entrance fee and you can enjoy staring at this amazing hills and it's fresh air that relaxes you. Being on a place like this, makes you feel and think you are in the top of your dreams, where you have enjoyed and be happy having it.

You don't just see only the hills for a nice view to took pics for, there are also nice and amazing stuff right before you see the hills. You won't need to worry to stay long in here because the place is complete with amenities and stuff around.

A little cave, entrance going to the top of the hill

The stairways going up to the hill to view the Chocolate Hills. It's not that easy to go up but it's fun. You can do a little bit of excercise as you go up to the stairways.

The Wishing Well at the top of the hill from where you view the Chocolate Hills. Make a Wish! Hope your wishes comes true.

So those are the other nice spots you'll love on the place. So we now go on to our favorite part. The Photo taking with the Chocolate Hills. Hmmm, it's nice to get lot's of photo memories on a lovely place like this. You cannot just enjoy watching the lovely hills but also could make fun with it by taking amazing pics. We couldn't do such a nice pics and do some stunts without photographer's around there. They can give you a hand of your camera and on to your poses to have such beautiful pics and the stunts brings you so much fun. With a little tip for them, we got lovely photo's in exchange. With visitors who don't have cameras! Well! you can still put that big smile on your face and enjoy the stunts and lovely pics because the photographer it self took pics with their cameras and can get the photo's right away after. It's as fast as that!

Stepping on a hill! It really look real but it's not. I just put my leg up a bit and splash!. What a lovely pic.

Oh this is one of my Favorite stunt. It just looked like we are flying above the Chocolate Hills. Isn't it a lovely pic?

My husband, enjoying his pose. He said that the place was so Cool and Lovely.

A heartshaped photo pic with the hills inside. Such a beautiful photo
Did you enjoy the nice poses we have? It is more enjoying when you do it on your self or with your friends and someone special. It's not just that, here are more other nice and lovely poses we have and you can have too, when you a get a chance to visit on this place.
Me with the Chocolate Hills. What a view! My husband and I on a sweet, loving pose fronting the Chocolate Hills. Happy Couple, and we are proud to say. "WE WERE HERE"
Those were the unforgettable experience we had in Bohol but of course it was not the end of experiencing the place. There were more interesting site on the place. Bohol is rich of Natural Habitats and you can see these only here in Bohol Philippines. What are these find out with these pics by scrolling down.

This is called as A Man-made Forrest. A naturaly grown forrest for 56 years. Wow! Can you imagine how old these trees are?

This is the view you'll see when you pass to Loboc and Bilar, when you go see Chocolate Hills. The man-made forrest stretching in a 2 km stretch of densely planted Mahogany trees.
Us holding hands in one of the Mahogany Trees

This Forrest are also amazing, they look like big sentinels guarding the road. From the roots to the trunks and the leaves, gives a beauty to road and looking at them gives you the creeps and you'll really say Wow! Lovely!...........How was that look for you? There's more to see yet...
Have you seen the Philippine Tarsier? One of the smallest primates in the World?. I am sure some have seen it already, but It was one of my lovely experience in Bohol, to see a cute, adorable animal like Tarsier. It is one of endangered species in the Philippines, and are now taken cared on a sanctuary in Loboc, Bohol. It has a smooth hair, cute little face and big eyes. It also has a very long tail. It is said it is only active during night, so at the day they are quite and peace staying on one place. I so much loved and enjoyed looking at this cute species.

The cute, Adorable Tarsier.

Look how small it is... It's really cute, isnt it?
My husband and I and our baby Tarsier's. Waaa what a cute pic!

So did we enjoyed the great spots and views in Bohol?.....Of Course, we had so much fun, enough to make us have tummy noises... Hehehe Hungry of course, but well with the hunger we have, The fun did not stop. There are still more to see and to enjoy.
Our tour guide send us to a lovely, romantic lunch. It's eat all you can restaurant. What makes special about it? It's because it's on a little river cruise. While you are eating, you can enjoy watching, the view of the River, the trees and mountains and listen to the noises of the forrest. While floating in the river, the cruise itself has it small entertainment and fun for the customers. A little band that sings you a song while eating and also invites you to sing your piece and favorite song. Everyone really experience a fun afternoon and lunch at the cruise. To avail an eat all you can, you can choose cruise of your choice and pay 300 pesos per person, including the boat fare and you can have the lovely and enjoying lunch of your life.

The Loboc River.
The Cruise

The Loboc Cruise. Have fun on your lunch.

That was an exciting lunch I had so far in my life. It was truly a memorable experience. It was special because I am with the man of my dreams, the love of my life and it just made it all Perfect. All that we had in Bohol are special things that I will and we will always remember for the rest of our lives. A truly lovely experience. A memorable moment of Love. The laughter we had shared, the smiles in our eyes we have showed, the Love of our hearts we have feel and the nice places we have seen. Makes the time worthwhile. Makes it all filled with love. Makes us had one of nicest time we had together as husband and wife. So if you had the chance, go and visit this nice place and make your time wothwhile and enjoy Life and wish you a Happy Trip. Experience Bohol, Experience the Wonder of Nature. To all filipinos please vote for the Chocolate Hills as one of the 7 Wonders of Nature.


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